MSC Cruises Line

MSC Cruises Line

MSC Cruises is a Swiss-based European company with deep Mediterranean roots employing 15,000 staff around the world and present in 45 countries.

MSC Cruises is the largest privately-owned cruise company and the world’s fourth largest cruise line. Msc also representa a market leader in the Mediterranean, South America and South Africa.

MSC Cruises sails mainly in the Mediterranean but and it is also albe to offer our guests differents seasonal itineraries in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, Abu Dabi, South Africa, South America, the French Antilles.

MSC fleet comprises 12 ships, four of each different class. The four Fantasia class flagships: MSC Preziosa(2013), MSC Divina (2012), MSC Splendida (2009) and MSC Fantasia (2008) are MSC Cruises largest vessels. The Musica Class: MSC Magnifica(2010),MSC Poesia(2008),MSC Orchestra(2007) andMSC Musica 2006). Then to complete the fleet we have the Lirica Class, composed of MSC Sinfonia(2005),MSC Armonia(2004),MSC Opera(2004) andMSC Lirica(2003).

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